Will THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 be held up over lawsuit? Or is this just a publicity stunt?

Tom Six is accustomed to controversy. Think about it, the guy made a film about ass to mouth relations for Christ sake. Not one but two! And now he is being put on hold by what could be a legit lawsuit over the third installment of the franchise. Read on and see for yourself.


Tom Six is returning to the series to write and direct a third chapter on U.S. soil.

Dieter Laser and Laurence Harvey are back to star, too, giving us the sense that Six intends to push the “meta” angles of the series even further.  But now there appears to be “trouble” for the production.

Fangoria was contacted by producer Ilona Six who says:

“Because of the success of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, it seems that Mr. Dieter Laser’s ego has grown to laughably big proportions. First signing the contract and rating the HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 script as fantastic, and then demanding his own unacceptable script changes, and now refusing to play the part only seven weeks prior to shooting. Six Entertainment Company will start legal action against Dieter Laser. Tom Six says not to worry—principal photography will be postponed and will take place later this year.”

This could be legit folks. But it also could be a clever publicity stunt to be featured in the film later on. Who knows, you fine fiends can be the judge.

Source: Fangoria

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