Help get GRIMM FAIRY TALES the animated show made!

If you are not familiar with the awesomeness that is the comic Grimm Fairy Tales by the folks over at Zenescope then my fiends you need to start reading some bad ass fairy tales. Dark,evil, and down right sexy! Now imagine all of this in a animated show? Check out how you can help make it happen below.

The comics are very dark and done in the original tradition. There is now Disney influence whatsoever. Here is the rundown from the folks over at Zenescope. I would try to explain it myself but here they do it better.


We, at Zenescope Entertainment, find it hard to believe that Grimm Fairy Tales is approaching its 75th issue. When we started publishing the comic book back in 2005, we just hoped it would make it to issue six so we could collect it into a graphic novel. But at some point it took on a life of its own; we began to dream of all the possibilities and mediums it could be translated into. Wouldn’t it make a great live action TV series? What about an animated anthology? We had some interest from different studios and producers but for one reason or another a deal never materialized. We never gave up hope of Grimm Fairy Tales becoming more than a comic book but it began to look like a real long shot.

Then we met a very talented director named Jon Schnepp. Jon has directed a ton of great stuff like The Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse and he loved our series.  He got the material and had an incredible take on turning it into an animated series right from the start. We began to think that maybe we didn’t need the Hollywood system to turn Grimm Fairy Tales into one seriously cool animated series. Jon has done a ton of work with Titmouse and he knew they would get behind a project like this.  Grimm Fairy Tales has a tremendous, loyal fan base and we felt that this was something they would want to see.  All we needed was the money to produce it. That’s why we’re here at Kickstarter. Through this incredible site and with the help of our amazing fans we can make this series a reality. And best of all we can make it the way it should be made…bad ass and sexy.

The goal of $175,000 is for the pilot. Anything beyond that goes to adding more episodes to the series. The more we get, the more you get. 

So, why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter has been a great resource for creative minds to get the support they need to bring their dreams to life. With the crowd-source fundraising that Kickstarter offers, we can give you, not the big studios, the final say on this project, and reward you for your support.

We also want to include you, the fan, in the process as much as possible. Bringing this project to life is going to be hard, and we want you to get to see behind the curtain. That’s why we’re going to be shooting a lot of exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage to include with the series so that you really get to see how we made it all happen.


Now this is something we can get behind! Check out the Kickstarter Page here!  The animation company is the same one that makes SuperJail and other Adult Swim cartoons. So you know it’s legit.

Here are some more links so you can see more of what Zenescope and Titmouse do.



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