We Got Detention

Yes, we were a little bad.  But now that we’re here, we can release the poster for you ghouls to have a look at.  Read on for the details…

Joseph Khan (the man who directed the Backstreet’s Back video for the Backstreet Boys as well as Stronger, Toxic and Womanizer for Britney Spears) has given us Detention.  Not actual detention, but rather a cool new film, with a pretty cool new poster.  And I have to say, if his music videos are any indication, this is sure to be one fun film.

The film “tells the story of the senior class at Grizzly Lake high school.  The road to graduation is never an easy one, but it’s further complicated for these students by the arrival of a slasher movie killer who has seemingly come to life.  The only ones who can stop the killer are a handful of students, but they’ll have to cut out of detention if they’re to stand a chance at saving the world.

Opening in theaters April 13 from Samuel Goldwyn Films, David Harley says Detention is “mesmerizing and something you definitely won’t be able to take yours eyes off of.”  But be sure to check your local listings since the film will be playing in limited release.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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