The LEPRECHAUN himself Warwick Davis doesn’t want the series relaunched

We reported earlier in the week that a Leprechaun remake would be coming from Lionsgate and the folks at WWE(yes the wrestling empire). Now we hear that the man behind the green hat and big belt buckle, Warwick Davis is not too happy about this news.


Though Davis didn’t specifically confirm or deny any involvement with the new film, he did make the following statement:

“I think it would be a shame to remake the original ‘Leprechaun’ film. It is a cult classic. It should not be touched in the same way the[y] should not have remade ‘Psycho’. I think there is a lot more to explore with the character, so that should be done with a sequel.”

After taking Leprechaun to space and back(oh yeah, he went to “da hood” twice as well.) He went on to say this about where the franchise should go next.

“I pitched the ‘Lep vs. Pirates’ idea to Johnny Depp while we were shooting ‘Life’s Too Short’,” Davis says. “He didn’t say much. There is so much potential for the character. I think a road movie would be fun. The Lep is best when encountering different types of people. I’d also like to see a female Leprechaun – she’s even meaner though and makes the original leprechaun seem soft. I’d love to play her too!”

We will keep you updated on where the Lep will end up soon.


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