Exclusive: Return To Wolf Creek

I’m happy to report some facts, including a press release, in regards to a Wolf Creek app.  That’s right, Mick Taylor will be coming at you from within the depths of your phone.  Rhiannon Irons, a.k.a Ahlephia, here with all the details.  So read on and prepare to wander into the outback, with no hope of a return….

I’ve been lucky these last couple of a weeks as I have the ability to bring you ghoul hounds of Truly Disturbing some inside information on the return of one of Australia’s most notiable horror movies.  We already knew that Wolf Creek 2 was in the works, to be released at the end of this year, but I bet you didn’t know that pretty soon you’ll have an app available on your phone and iPad.

It’s true.  Read on for the press release from Sharp Agency and a special teaser photo just for you.

“Building on the monumental success and ongoing interest in the 2005 Australian film Wolf Creek, Sharp Agency is proud to announce it has secured the license for the upcoming interactive iBook: Return to Wolf Creek.

This interactive App will be released initially for iPad with an iPhone and Android version to follow.

The iBook will be a trip down memory lane for original fans and an introduction to those to young to see the film when first released in 2005. Sharp Agency have put together a ‘never-before-seen’ collection of video clips, images and documentation of props and trivia that will delight the avid horror fan and general film buff to boot.

Purchasers of the ‘App’ will have access to a companion website that will have a blog and the chance for users to tell their own ‘Wolf Creek moment’.

A special ‘ground-breaking’ interactive section called ‘Mick’s Drawer of Screams’ will give users a chance to be part of the horror film community like never before – in a ‘Wilhelm Scream’ kind of way!

We will release more information as production progresses. We can however say that regardless of if you have or haven’t seen Wolf Creek, this will be a must download’ for any and all horror fans!”

Can’t wait to see the reaction to this one.  More information to follow so watch this space!

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