Waner Bros. already tackiling THE STAND now sets its eyes on THE DARK TOWER

Warner Bros. is already working on a Ben Affleck directed adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. Word is that they are close to a deal with director Ron Howard on making The Dark Tower into a film now. Read on for the details.


That’s according to a report from Deadline who says the studio is coming close to striking up a deal with Ron Howard.

If you recall, Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Brian Grazer were developing the long-mooted adaptation of King’s epic series over at Universal before that studio passed over budget costs. They wanted to do three feature lengths and a few made for TV movies to adapt the books respectfully.

Deadline adds that Warner Bros. has already purchased Goldman’s script – which is a rather big move – and he is currently doing a polish.  If the deal-making goes well, Howard will come aboard to direct and production may begin as soon as the first quarter of 2013.

Javier Bardem may play Roland the gunslinger.  The actor was circling the role when the project was in development elsewhere.

This is a very gutsy move by Warner Bros. and I respect it a lot. The film would have to be epic in scope and of course sequels would be a natural must for the franchise.

More as it develops soon.

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