THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS set to return to the big screen

Well this is a fine wake up call. Those lovable and gross Garbage Pail Kids are back and more disturbing than ever…just how we like them. Read on for the details.


Deadline has word that PES, an artist best known for his short films, will direct an all-new feature-length adaptation through The Tornante Company. Relative newcomer Michael Vukadinovich will provide the screenplay.

The original card series, if you remember was a parody on the popular 80’s toy line Cabbage Patch Kids. The cards first line was released in 1985 and has built a cult following along with a feature length film(that was terribly awesome).

No word on how this new film will be adapted but if PES goes with the midget in a suit way the original did, hilarity is sure to ensue.

More as this develops.


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