Truly Disturbing Headline: 14 Year old hangs self after 2 years of “relentless bullying”.


A 14-year-old schoolgirl has hanged herself after enduring two years of relentless bullying by her female classmates.Eden Wormer, an eighth grade student at Cascade Middle School in Vancouver, Washington, committed suicide on Wednesday after her efforts at  trying to fit in failed. Her older sister Audri said Eden changed her appearance several times, dying her hair, tanning and getting contact lenses, to get the girls to stop harassing her.


But the teen begged her sister not to tell anybody about what she was suffering at the hands of the group of eighth grade girls because she was afraid it would get worse.

The bullying allegedly began when Eden was in the sixth grade, becoming more intense last year, and eventually tipping her over the edge.

‘Halfway through the seventh grade was when it started to get really bad,’ Audri told KATU News.

‘The bullying just kept getting worse, and I kept telling her I’m going to do something, I’m going to do something, and I should have done something.

I should have just not listened to her. I should have done something, because maybe she would have been here. I just want her back.’

Audri recalled Eden’s final words: ‘She said, “I love you daddy, goodnight,” and gave him a kiss and hug, and then the next morning he found her dead.’

‘She didn’t kill herself, the people that picked on her and treated her like crap and wouldn’t accept her, they killed her.’

Audri, Eden’s sister

The grieving sister told why her sister chose to take her own life: ‘My sister killed herself because of evil, evil people in this world, people that feel like they have to make fun of other people to make themselves feel better.

‘Really, she didn’t kill herself, the people that picked on her and treated her like crap and wouldn’t accept her, they killed her. They killed her, they broke her down so badly, so emotionally, that she felt like she was nothing, that she had to end her life because she was nothing.’

Eden’s older brother, Erin, added: ‘Because people don’t know what a limit is, I lost part of my family.’


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