2012 will NOT see HALLOWEEN 3D

Well this could be good news or bad. Depends on where you stand with the Halloween reboots. Rob Zombie did his thing (grown) and now we will not even see Halloween 3D until possibly 2013. Read on for the details.


The film has adopted the dreaded “release date to be determined” status.Dun Dun Dunnnn!!!

At one time, Dimension’s Bob Weinstein was working with Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer to bring Halloween 3D to fruition.  The duo behind Drive Angry 3D penned a script, but it was ultimately put on the back burner.

Insiders tell us Halloween 3D is a priority at the company and they’re still fielding pitches.

This year is a strange one for Dimension.  We hope things get cleared up soon but who knows.



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