Comic Book Review: HELLRAISER #11 from BOOM! STUDIOS

He has such sights to show you.
If you haven’t been following this ongoing series, you are definitely missing something amazing! Hellraiser #11 (BOOM! Studios) continues to keep readers excited with Kirsty Cotton’s transformation as the new diabolical Pinhead. Tired of being Hell’s servant, Captain Elliot Spencer has found his replacement and regained his humanity. But, this is only the beginning of Elliot’s master plan! Adding more twists and turns, “Heaven’s Reply” is an exciting new chapter in Clive Barker’s official mythology.
Kirsty has witnessed everyone she loved turn into demonic Cenobites, the likes of which readers have never seen before. Now, Kirsty reigns over Hell as the new Pinhead, while Elliot walks around freely as a human being; free to do whatever he wants. But what lurks inside the heart and soul of a man who has committed so many atrocities? Just because he isn’t Pinhead, that does not mean Elliot isn’t scary anymore.

For every Lemarchand device Kirsty and her Hell’s Harrowers previously destroyed, another one keeps popping up in their place. There are thousands of puzzle boxes in the world and now, Kirsty is in control of each and every one of them. Tiffany, from Hellraiser 2: Hellbound, must wage a war against her surrogate mother, Kirsty. She needs Elliot’s help to find and destroy the Lemarchand devices. Will Tiffany find a way to save Kirsty? Or, is Kirsty’s soul lost forever in Hell?
With his co-writers Robb Humphreys and Mark Miller, Barker is able to plant the seeds of a multi-layered supernatural adventure. What Elliot is saying isn’t exactly what he means; as if he is hiding something. You never know what to expect from him, even if he sounds completely honest. Interestingly, in the opening pages, Kirsty and her Cenobites stumble upon a sort-of Amazonian tribe. The natives drop to their knees and worship these so-called “deities.” Though they definitely should be, the tribe is not afraid of the Cenobites. Adding to the mythology, Kirsty is following orders from someone else in Hell. Could this mean there might be someone worse than Pinhead?

The artwork by Stephen Thompson and Janusz Ordon is stylishly gritty and bloody, especially during an impressive flashback sequence. The pages are layered in blacks, whites, and grays, while the characters are soaked in red splashes. In this flashback, Elliot vividly remembers one of his war tales. Instead of being horrified by the nature of war, he instantly saw violence as a work of art. In the character design, the artists fully capture Doug Bradley’s essence in Elliot Spencer.
Readers should definitely jump right in on Hellraiser #11! Will Tiffany be able to rescue Kirsty from Hell? Or, in the ultimate battle between good and evil, will they face each other as enemies? What will Elliot do to con his way into Heaven? Readers will definitely be asking for more, especially when they read the shocking last page! Out in stores now, you don’t want to miss the next step of Captain Elliot Spencer’s master plan!

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