First details and teaser trailer for horror comedy COMMUNITY SERVICE

Waking up at 1:30 am to check my mail(weird I know) I stumbled upon something I overlooked. A teaser trailer sent to me called Community Service. The flick is finished filming and needs some help getting editing costs paid for. Read on for all the details.

The film is set for a June 2012 release if all the funding for post production comes through. Mainly editing and sound need to be reworked but the film is already wrapped. Read the press release about the film below.

From Press Release:

MARK VALLEY from Boston Legal, Fringe, Days of our lives and Human Target Quotes “I Think Your Film Seems VERYYY Interesting!!” 

Mark is Currently Working on The Feature Film “STOLEN” and Co-Starring with Nicholas Cage.

Synopsis: “COMMUNITY SERVICE” Is a Horror/Comedy Film which first takes place in the late 1980′s at a School Ground. Billy Fouls is just a School Kid at the time, but one that always gets picked on. One day Billy gets tired of the School Bullies and ends up killing one with a Rock and making another one suffer. He is then taken away to a Psychiatric Center were he waits to get his revenge on one of the school bullies, Bob Butterfield, who is now a cop in charge of Community Service. When Billy Fouls Finds out about were Bob will be doing Community Service, he finds a way to escape and the Community Service Workers and Officer Bob Butterfield along with Officer Jim Springfield are in for more then a weekend of work.


You can help by donating to the films Kickstarter Campaign. This link will only be up until April 17th so make sure and donate.


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