Mila Kunis Runs To Hell And Back

Mila Kunis is a dream.  From American Psycho 2 to Black Swan, she knows her horror.  And now she’s set to make a splash on Hell & Back.  Read on for the details.

Mila Kunis has joined cast of ShadowMachine’s Hell & Back, the studio announced today. She’ll star opposite the previously announced Nick Swardson, TJ Miller, Rob Riggle, Brian Posehn and Kumail Najiani.

The R-rated stop-motion animated comedy follows two best friends (Swardson and Miller) as they rescue their buddy who has been accidentally dragged to Hell. ShadowMachine’s Corey Campodonico, Eric Blyler and Alex Bulkley are producing the film directed by Tommy Gianas (SNL, Human GiantTenacious D, Pretend Time) along with Ross Shuman, with current writing revisions by Hugh Sterbakov.

Kunis’ character is officially described as follows:

Deema is a female demon whose ability to navigate the underworld makes her the toughest rogue demon in Hell. Her independent streak may come from her greatest secret: She’s half-human. She was sired by the Orpheus of myth when he traveled down the River Styx years ago. What the myths don’t say is that he was nailing everything that moved. When Orpheus is revealed to be…well, a bit of a tool, frankly…Deema has to look inside to figure out what it means to be human. She’s the Han Solo of the film.

The film marks ShadowMachine’s first R-rated adult stop-motion animation feature and one of several in the works for the production outfit.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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