More HELLRAISER? More NIGHTBREED? With Clive Barker???

“We have such sights to show you!” *Fingers crossed*


Renowned author and filmmaker Clive Barker made a series of comments on Twitter recently that are very intriguing.

These tweets were made the evening of February 28, 2012. The four tweets in particular are as follows:


1. “I can’t say more than the barest minimum now but there is suddenly very aggressive interest in new HELLRAISER and NIGHTBREED projects.”

2. “In both cases the Producers  have asked for my creative contribution from  the start.”

3. “We’ll see.”

4. “I promise you that as soon as I know more I’ll tell you. There’ll always be a more thorough and detailed account on Phil and Sarah’s site.”


When he mentions “Phil and Sarah’s site,” he is referencing his official website .

It is important that we keep a proper perspective on matters such as these. Interest does not always lead directly into deals, negotiations, or production. This is no guarantee that we will receive any new films.

However, imagine a new NIGHTBREED film that could take advantage of the characters and mythology that Barker tried to put forth in the 1990 cult classic.



Now, imagine a new HELLRAISER movie from the master himself, utilizing the full cast of Cenobites. And including his frank and daring depictions of sexuality and torture, Heaven and Hell.


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