Exclusive: First details and teaser trailer for DEVIL IN MY RIDE staring Sid Haig

We love hearing about films straight from their director’s/production teams. Such is the case with Devil In My Ride. We have the details below for you fiends and even the teaser trailer! Oh it’s a good day to be a horror fan.

We have the run down on the film as well as where you fine fiends can check it out at.




Inside look at the upcoming feature film

February 07, 2012 – Chicago, IL – Chicago filmmaker Gary Michael Schultz completes large-scale motion picture feat under SAG Ultra Low Budget constraints.

Writer/Director/Producer Gary Michael Schutlz, now in postproduction for his new horror/comedy feature filmDevil In My Ride, has yet to sit down since the spring of 2011.

Employing everything from special and mechanical effects to traveling halfway across the country and back, Schultz and his team have creatively evaded the restraints of their less than 100k budget.

When asked about the rational behind his literal cross-country filming trek Schultz answered, “Making a movie is half about the experience, so why fake something as adventurous as a road trip.”

Prior to heading on the road, Devil In My Ride’s filming took place throughout the downtown, suburb area of Chicago and northern parts of Indiana.

Synopsis: After newly wedded bride Doreen (Erin Breen) is accidentally cursed by her older brother Travis (Frank Zieger), she falls under the possession of the devil. Across the country, in the bowels of sin city is a homeless man known as Johnny Priest (Llou Johnson) who is the last known person to perform an exorcism. It’s now up to Travis and Doreen’s new husband Hank (Joey Bicicchi) to put aside their differences and travel from Chicago to Las Vegas to get Doreen an exorcism before her soul is lost forever. Devil In My Ride also features actors Craig J. Harris, Rachel Joy Mazza, Benjamin Nicholson, and cult movie icon Sid Haig.

Devil In My Ride looks to instill a cult following among horror film followers that love to laugh as well as scream. The film is set to hit festival circulation this summer 2012. Check out the website
(www.devilinmyride.com) for a look at film photos and the teaser trailer. Also, take a chance to read more about the making of Devil In My Ride in the production blog by clicking the ‘News’ link or by visiting GMSFilms.com.



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