Role revealed for Guy Pearce in PROMETHEUS

There has been speculation,rumor,and down right flagrant lies about who Guy Pearce will play in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Now we have firm reports on who he will be. Read on for the details.


Ridley Scott conducted an interview with a Hungarian news outlet and spilled some more details as to who Pearce is playing in the Alien prequel.

Courtesy of AvP Galaxy comes this translation:

“When the first Alien movie and Blade Runner were made, I thought that in the near future the world will be owned by large companies. This is why we have the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner, and Weyland-Yutani in Alien. They sent the Nostromo spaceship.
The Prometheus is owned by an entrepreneur called Peter Weyland, and is played by Guy Pearce. That’s the connection between the two films, and nothing more. Prometheus is a new film, a new world, and is full of new ideas. And of course new monsters as well.”
Typical Scott, just trying to make the mystery around the film even more…mysterious.


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  1. February 28, 2012 at 1:16 AM

    Mmmmm Guy Pearce.

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