Truly Disturbing Headline: 11 Children held as slaves in Texas basement

Dark details have emerged about the squalor and abuse endured by 11 children, who, according to a new police report, were bound down to dirty mattresses, forced to sleep in rooms with no air and no light, and routinely beaten.

Nine of the 11 children were between the ages of five months and six years, were being neglected and abused in a house with ten adults, including their grandparents, who owned the Dayton, Texas home.

Meanwhile, Child Protection Services, which took the children into emergency custody after they were seized on January 24, is under harsh examination as it has emerged the agency had clues into the sordid living conditions as early as 2005.

The Houston Chronicle detailed the contents of the horrific report, which shows that eight of the children were found tied up in a single dark room filled with wall-to-wall mattresses. They were often bound

Investigators also found an 11-year-old boy covered in bruises and thumbprints indicating a life of abuse.

They all lived inside a relatively normal-looking house in a middle-class neighbourhood, though the windows were all covered by bed sheets and towels hung as crude curtains.

The 11 children found in the Texas home were a five-month-old boy, an eight-month-old boy, a one-year-old boy, a boy and girl, both two, a three-year-old girl, another boy and girl who were both four, a legally blind five-year-old girl, an eight-year-old boy, and an 11-year-old boy.

The blind girl, who turned six while in foster care, is also thought to be autistic and have a ‘lack of focus,’ according to the affidavit. Since she has been in CPS custody, she hasn’t uttered a word.

However, the two older boys haven’t been quiet about the types of hardships they endured. The eight-year-old boy told a caseworker that he spent many days locked in a small room – up to three days – all the time, without food.

The 11-year-old also described how all of the children were tied down with harnesses to the mattresses every night, and were sometimes bound to their beds during daylight.

Investigators noted that the house’s refrigerator was ‘basically empty,’ save two loaves of bread in the freezer, the Houston Chronicle reported.

None of the children had been to school. The 11-year-old boy said the last time he saw a classroom was several years ago.

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