Truly Disturbing Headline: Anchor woman who was bit by Mastiff on live TV says “I have no ill will towards the dog, it was a fluke accident.”

Well for you pet lovers out there, this story could have ended with an animal being put down for a simple human error. Thankfully, this is not the case and the anchor woman admits it was  “just an accident.” Read on for the full story.

Kyle Dyer of Denver’s KUSA-TV gave her first interview yesterday, proudly showing scars on her face, which include a V-shaped scar on her upper lip where skin had to be grafted.

The veteran anchor told the Denver Post that the first thoughts that went through her mind after the Argentine Mastiff bit her was: ‘I’m bleeding, and it had to be on television!’

Despite the painful weeks of recovery, two surgeries, and the long road ahead, Ms Dyer said she feels lucky and calls the attack ‘a fluke.’

‘It could have been so much worse,’ she said. She was bitten in the face during a live taping of her show February 8.

‘It may seem like a superficial business, but the people out there in Colorado are not superficial,’ she told the Post.

She said she harbors no ill will toward the dog. ‘It was just an accident,’ she said, saying that she’s glad he is back with his owners.

The owners will definitely face two charges from Denver Animal Care and Control: a penalty for having the dog bite someone and a second penalty for having the dog off its leash at the time.

‘While we normally walk Max on-leash, we understand that by letting him off-leash in an open area away from anyone was still a mistake. We will never walk him off-leash in public areas after this,’ the Robinsons said in their statement.

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