Truly Disturbing Headline: Scientists Find Limbless Amphibians

This kind of looks like an earthworm combinded with a naked mole rat crossed with human intestines.  Ewww.

Scientists believe they have discovered a new type of limbless amphibian that looks like an earthworm in northeastern India.

The pink hairless creatures, named Chikilidae, are one of about six potentially new species belonging to a group of animals called caecilians, which represent an entirely new family of amphibians.

They were found by researchers who spent five years digging for caecilians in over 250 spots across northern India, National Geographic reports.

Researchers said they were surprised to find the females are very dedicated mothers, and go without food for nearly three months to protect their young.

“The mother is guarding the eggs for almost 95 days without eating anything — always the mother is with her eggs,” University of Delhi amphibian biologist Sathyabhama Das Biju said.

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