Shawn Levy hopeful FRANKENSTEIN still has some life left

About a week ago we reported that 20th Century Fox backed out from Shawn Levy’s adaptation of the Mary Shelly classic, Frankenstein. Well Mr. Levy has a few choice words on the matter. Read on for what he had to say.

Even though the budget was the main reason Frankenstein was put on the shelf, Shawn Levy is determined to make the film.

In a recent interview with Collider Levy talks about his approach to creating the monster …

In the case of ‘Frankenstein,’ my whole approach is based on a mo-cap SimulCam playback so that it’s not a dude with scars on his face. It’s not just kind of latex and a costume; it would be a motion-capture performance of the monster—I can give away maybe not too much by saying there’s more than one in our version—and then I would go to Europe, shoot the movie, do scenes with the real actors and I would be able to see the motion-captured monster in real time due to SimulCam, so yes that is our technological VFX paradigm for Frankenstein.

What?! CGI awww hell nah! But wait…it worked for Planet of The Apes and we do love us some multiple monsters. Stay tuned for more info as it develops.


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