Truly Disturbing Headline: Chainsaw Wielding Man Storms Pub

Forget Leatherface and his deranged family, this is real and caught on camera thanks to CCTV.  Read on for the disturbing details.

CCTV footage has shown a man storming into a pub in northern England wielding a chainsaw, slashing a customer’s arm, and obliterating every object in sight after he was told off for smoking inside.

Dean Dinnen, 24, was sentenced to three years jail last week after he pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm, affray using threatening behaviour, and criminal damage in Hull Crown Court last week, the Daily Mail reports.

Security video shows Dinnen running into The Endyke pub in Hull, northeastern England, and waving the chainsaw in patrons faces last August.

The court heard Dinnen was drunk and on drugs and had come to seek revenge on a man who had thrown him out for lighting a cigarette about 50 minutes earlier.

But bar patrons fought back — arming themselves with pool cues, kegs and bar stools, and hurling them at Dinnen.

Amazingly, Dinnen only injured one person in the chaos, slashing the arm of 32-year-old Adrian Pryor who suffered severed tendons and needed 21 stitches.

Witness Kevin Fletcher told the court he thought he would die when he fell over while trying to flee.

“I ran. I did not look back. I could hear the chainsaw screaming behind me and I got the feeling he was right behind me,” he said.

The video shows Dinnen leaving the bar and getting overpowered by patrons before police arrived and he was arrested.

The court heard the man Dinnen had been looking for had actually left the pub before he returned.

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