Truly Disturbing Headline: Woman charged with letting her obese sister rot to death in chair


A woman has been charged with reckless homicide after her sister died following three weeks spent decomposing in a chair.

Priscilla Frieberger, who was morbidly obese, could not move from her chair, and eventually her rotting skin started to stick to the chair’s fabric.

The house in Lawrenceburg, Indiana where the sisters lived was so full of trash that ambulance crew could not get in through the front door to rescue her.

And they could not move Ms Frieberger, 61, down the stairs, instead having to break the window to get her into the ambulance which transported her to hospital.

There she died of pneumonia and a blood infection – complicated by a dose of painkiller Tramadol which was ten times the appropriate amount.

Four months later, her sister Vickie Holdcraft, 58, is wanted on charges of reckless homicide, neglect and perjury.

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