There is nary a book that I read more often than The Walking Dead. Sure there can be some loop holes in the plot and Robert Kirkman likes to kill off people faster than Castro but there is always one thing I enjoy about the book. It leaves you wanting more. Such is the case with the new story arc for the comic series. Read on for the details.


The teaser art you see can only be for an new story arc in the series. Looks like there will be more to fear than the undead this time around.

The most recent issue, number 93, began a new arc, “A Larger World Part 1,” and they’re on track to have number 96 serve as the closing chapter of the upcoming Volume 16 trade paperback.

There is an ongoing story arc right now that should finish up in issue 96 of the series.

So, don’t expect to see anything about what this teaser actually means for a little while.

I love zombies, don’t we all, but some of the most nail biting moments in this series have come from the survivors and not the walkers. It’s crazy how Kirkman can do this but I love it!





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