The MUNSTERS reboot gets new title

Well it always seems to happen. When a franchise gets redone, rehashed,rebooted, whatever, the powers that be usual change things around to sometimes distance the project from past audiences who loved the original. Looks like NBC has done just that with the new Munsters reboot. Read on fiends. reports the NBC reboot of the series is going to be called Mockingbird Lane now.  If you remember, Mockingbird Lane is the street The Munsters lived on in the original show.

This change may not be something we fans like but it does make sense. The new show has already been dubbed a “darker, more serious show” than its original goofy, family friendly predecessor.

Bryan Fuller and Brian Singer are working on the show as executive producers.

We are told that casting is underway so stay tuned for more in for more info on that.

Could the title change be for the best? We shall have to see.



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