Twins Threatened With Lawsuit After Donkey Stunt

Last month, our very own Horrorman reported an episode of Fear Factor had contestants drinking donkey semen and urine.  Now, it looks like the contestants may be facing a lawsuit for speaking out about the stunt.  Read on for the details.

Twin sisters who drank donkey semen and urine on a US game show have been threatened with legal action for speaking out about the stunt.

TV network NBC decided not to run the episode of Fear Factor in which contestants Claire and Brynne Odioso completed the foul challenge, after details leaked online provoked public outcry, TMZ reported.

The twins called in to a Florida radio station after they learned the stunt would be cancelled.

They told Tampa Bay Radio’s “Cowhead Show” they were proud of their effort and said they would probably carry out the stunt again if they had to.

Claire told the radio host she vomited several times while drinking the large glass of semen, as did members of the camera crew.

TMZ reported the twins had since been warned by the show’s executives not to say another word about the challenge, or they would risk being sued for breaching their confidentiality agreements.

Brynne told local news site she was disappointed the episode was pulled “because we wanted to share the experience with our friends and family”.

“We feel no animals were harmed during the stunt, and it is known that animal semen is consumed in parts of the world like Australia and New Zealand,” she was quoted. 

In regards to that last statement, I would love to know where they got that information from.

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