THE TALL MAN is coming for you, Berlin!

But what about the alien dwarf slaves???





Writer/ Director Pascal Laugier made a strong impression with genre fans worldwide with his feature film MARTYRS in 2008. Message boards and horror sites still buzz about the film to this day. Many have wondered when we will see a new movie from the French native.

Well, horror fans, the wait won’t be too much longer. Reports are in that Laugier’s newest film, THE TALL MAN, is finished. It is expected to debut at The European Film Market in Berlin next month. The cast includes Jessica Biel, Teach Grant, William B. Davis, Jodelle Ferland, Samantha Ferris, Katherine Ramdeen, and Stephen McHattie.

Plot details are scarce, but apparently the film is about a nurse played by Jessica Biel whose child is kidnapped by a huge, dark figure, the alleged Tall Man of myth in her town. We should have more details as reports from its screening come in.

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