Truly Disturbing Headline: Victims Attack Butt Injector’s Assistant

This story, when it first broke, made me so angry that one human being could this to another.  Now, the victims, and their families, of the  ‘doctor’ are lunging out at the assistant of the qwack.  Read on for the details.

A plastic surgeon’s assistant accused of helping inject cement into patients has been attacked with a syringe during a brawl with victims on US TV.

Corey Eubanks, 40, is accused of assisting Oneal Ron Morris, 30, who police say performed botched surgery on at least three patients, leaving them scarred and disfigured.

The pair were arrested on November 23 and charged with practicing medicine without a license, but both were released on bail and claim they are innocent.

Eubanks, from Hollywood, appeared on Spanish-language talk show Pa’lante con Cristina in Miami, Florida, yesterday to face his alleged victims and their families.

But things quickly became heated, with one of the victim’s mothers allegedly lunging and attacking him with a needle that was meant for a demonstration later in the show.

Security broke up the brawl and restrained the woman, who Eubanks identified as patient Shaquanda Brown’s mother Brunetta.

“The mother jumped out of the audience, came and grabbed a syringe and threw it and it hit me in my forehead,” Eubanks told CBS Miami after the show.

“I got a laceration on my forehead, there’s going to be a scar there, I am really upset about it,” he said.

Eubanks said he planned to file charges against the woman.

Shaquanda Brown, a mother of two, said she nearly died after undergoing a botched buttock enhancement and needed corrective surgery.

Police allege Morris — who was born a man and is transgender — injected her patients with a dangerous mixture of cement, tyre sealant and mineral oil, and say many more alleged victims have since come forward.

Morris allegedly performed the procedures and Eubanks is accused of setting up the operations and taking clients’ money.

Both of their cases are currently before the courts.

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