Truly Disturbing Headline: Bank Robber Shoots Himself In The Foot

This was too funny not to share with you.  Maybe he should get a reduced sentence…after all, he did help police with his arrest.

A bank robber accidentally helped police catch him after shooting himself in the foot while acting as a lookout for his accomplices in Brazil.

Security footage of the robbery shows three men storm the bank in northern Parana and demand bank tellers hand over the cash on Monday, the Telegraph reports.

Everything runs smoothly at first, with tellers giving the men 30,000 Brazilian reals ($16,000) as one of the trio stands at the front door armed with two guns.

But then the lookout man fumbles with one of his pistols, shooting himself in the foot and lurching forward in pain.

He is last seen limping from the bank behind the other two men.

The clumsy robber was arrested at a hospital near the bank the next day, Brazilian media report.

Officers said six men were believed to have been involved in the incident but only three appeared on camera.

One other man has also been arrested.

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