Truly Disturbing Headline: Blood Pours From Polish Drain

This is like a scene straight from a horror movie.  Blood was forming sticky rivers after pouring from a Polish drain.  Read on for the details.

Residents of a small Polish town were shocked after blood began bubbling up from storm water drains and streaming down the street.

The blood formed a river of sticky red along the road in Koscierzyna and pooled into large bloody puddles, prompting locals to call emergency services on Monday, the Telegraph reports.

Video shot by a local resident shows the blood streaming out from under a manhole cover on a bitumen road.

An investigation found the blood came from a meat processing plant and a blocked drain caused it to pour out into the street.

Regional police spokesman Janusz Matrejek said authorities were now investigating to find out who was responsible for the mess.

Residents have questioned how the blood left the meat processing plant without being treated.

“There were two schools on the street where a large amount of blood was flowing, the blood was also heading towards a local market. When you consider public health this situation is appalling,” one resident wrote on a news website.

A spokesman for the municipal authorities said the blood had since been cleaned up

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