New animated Horror Comedy asks the question: Would you go to hell and back for a friend?

Sometimes we say we are willing to do anything for our friends/family. But I doubt many of us would battle the legions of Hell itself. Or would we? Read on for what we mean.


According to Variety, Rob Riggle, Brian Posehn, and Kumail Nanjiani have joined the cast of the stop-motion animation production Hell & Back starring T.J. Miller and Nick Swardson.

Tom Gianas and Ross Shuman will helm.

Synopsis: The story revolves around two best friends who must rescue their buddy when he’s accidentally dragged to hell. Riggle will play a 20-year-old who’s starting to grow up, much to the chagrin of his friends Augie and Remy. Posehn will portray an aging heavy-metal fan stuck in the ’80s, and Nanjiani will play Sal the Demon, an employee of hell.

More on this one as it comes.

Source: Variety

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