Underworld: Awakening Bites Box Office

If I’ve learned one thing about the horror genre, it’s you can’t keep a good vampire down.  And Selene is proving my point.  Read on for more details.

Despite all reviews (both good and bad) I know a TON of you guys saw Underworld: Awakening 3D this weekend. It just grossed an estimated $25 million, outpacing Rise Of The Lycans by a significant margin.

Audiences clearly haven’t tired of Kate Beckinsale as a butt-kicking heroine — the fourth installment of ‘Sony Pictures’ Underworld series debuted to healthy ticket sales over the weekend.

Underworld: Awakening cost Sony and Lakeshore Entertainment about $70 million to produce. The film is the first in the vampire series to be offered in 3D, and 59% of those who saw the movie this weekend opted to buy the pricier ticket to see it in that format. Audiences liked the film, assigning it an average grade of A-, according to marketing firm CinemaScore.

Underworld: Awakening had a better opening than the third entry in the series, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which started with $20.8 million in 2009. It still debuted with slightly less than the franchise’s second installment, Underworld: Evolution, which opened to $26.9 million in 2006. That film ultimately grossed more than any other picture in the series, totaling $62.3 million in sales by the end of its run.

If you missed it earlier, our very own Paul Dronet (a.k.a LordPunch) reviewed Underworld: Awakening.  You can read his review here.

I guess the moral of this is, vampires are still top dog when it comes to Box Office hits.

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