Truly Disturbing Headline: Woman Mistook Severed Head For Prop

This is the stuff that nightmares are usually made of…actually, it’s stories like this that spurn Hollywood horror.  Read on for the details.

A woman posed for a photo with a severed human head that her dog found in the Hollywood Hills after mistaking it for a realistic movie prop.

Hollywood resident Lauren Kornberg was walking nine dogs with her mother when their golden retriever found the head inside a plastic bag under some bushes in Bronson Canyon Park on Monday.

Ms Kornberg said her dog went crazy barking and digging in the bushes before returning with the head of the middle-aged man clenched in its jaws.

He had shredded the bag and had something in his mouth, which he dropped, and it rolled 30 feet down a hill and into a ravine,” she told her local radio station.

Ms Kornberg said she joked with her mother that the object “looked kind of like a skull,” but assumed it was a prop as movies were often filmed in the area.

She reportedly asked another walker to take a photograph of her posing with the head using his mobile phone, US news website Gawker reports.

It is not clear whether Ms Kornberg walked down into the ravine to pose with the head, and she did not speak about the alleged photographs in the radio interview.

Ms Kornberg said it was only when her mother suggested they take a closer look that they realised the head was real.

My mom was literally a foot away, face to face [with the head], and could see bloody hair and eyeballs and eyelashes and gasped and said ‘It’s real, oh my god, it’s real!‘,” Ms Kornberg said.

A huge police search has since uncovered two severed hands and two severed feet that are believed to belong to the same man.

Police believe the man was killed elsewhere, cut into pieces and dumped in the park, and that wild animals moved or ate his other remains.

Meanwhile, the photos the other walker snapped of the man’s head and Ms Kornberg are now reportedly being offered for sale by a prominent US photo agency for $4,800.

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