Creator of DEADGIRL says “Sequel will never happen.” But you can read its script right here!

It saddens us to hear when a script of sequel to a film we enjoyed gets caned. Such is the case with the sequel to Deadgirl. The way it went was the cast and film makers talked up a sequel, it was written, then it never got made. Writer Trent Haaga has come forward and given us the reason the film stopped production and gives you a peek at the un-produced script for Deadgirl 2.

Writer Trent Haaga went on a bit of a rant on his blog about the subject, check it out below.

“I’m not going to get into all of the terrible particulars that killed the project, but needless to say the outcome wasn’t pretty and I don’t think that a sequel will ever get made. It certainly won’t get made with my participation. And it’s probably the best that it remain this way.”

If you were interested in what he had in mind for a sequel, he has made the script for Deadgirl 2 available to read.

If you visit his aforementioned blog, Haaga has the complete unproduced script available in a PDF format.  Click here to get downloading.

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