Event Report: FRIDAY THE 13TH double feature at the Vista Theater in Los Angeles

We had the awesome privilege of being invited to attend the double feature of Friday the 13th and Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives on…you guessed it, Friday The 13th. The event was hosted by our good pal Ryan Rotten from ShockTillyoudrop.com and the folks at CreatureFeatures.com. Check out what happened and who showed up to say hello to fans, for this awesome evening.


As we arrived at the always awesome Vista Theater on Sunset in L.A. we noticed hockey masks and machetes were a must for those waiting in line to watch the Friday double feature. Young,old,hell even infirm came out to this great event. The event was also the host to the unveiling  of the brand new CD box set that featured all of composer Harry Manfredini’s scores for each film produced by Paramount. This set is a must have for any Friday fan. Sadly there was not a ATM machine around for me to purchase one.

We talked briefly with composer Harry Manfredini(who of course wrote the original score for the first Friday). He had this to say about the event, ” Well I am here because I love these movies and I am also here in support of the newly released CD box set for all of the Friday’s soundtracks that La La Land Records has just put out.  Plus, it’s always cool to see a Friday film on the big screen.”

Other Friday alumni that showed up were Adrienne King (Alice)from Friday part 1, Darcy Demoss(Nikki) and Nancy McLoughlin(Lizabeth) from  Jason Lives. Sadly the director for Jason Lives( Tom McLoughlin) could not attend due to a prior engagement he had with his band in San Diego.

Mr. Manfredini is right! Seeing a Friday film on the big screen is amazing! Did we mention that the films being shown were actual 35mm prints from Paramount? Oh yes fiends, they went old school for this one and we loved it. Sure there was the issue of the print’s sound being a bit muddy at times but shit, the prints are old people! Fans cheered and howled for their favorite kills and moments in each film. The roar of applause that filled the Vista Theater when Betsy Palmer’s head was chopped off at the end of part 1 was defining!

The night went off without a hitch and everyone had a blast. In between the films Ryan Rotten of Shock did a very nice Q&A session with those involved in the films. Harry as always stole the show with his anecdotes about the films and how he viewed part 1 and part 6 as his “favorites in the franchise”. He also mentioned that the soundtrack project was “In the works for almost ten years but couldn’t be done since I didn’t have the masters”. Nancy Mcloughlin did an awesome job of answering questions about Jason Lives and her death scene. “When your husbands the director and he tells you to stick your head in a muddy puddle, you do it.”

Everyone had a blast and the turn out was amazing. Plus the concessions were pretty cheap so my fat ass was happy!

Thanks to Ryan Rotten of Shocktillyoudrop.com for inviting us down, and a huge thanks to CreatureFeatures.com for sponsoring the event.

Maybe Ryan stashed away one of those box sets for me? Here’s hoping!

Oh and we ran into this guy hanging out outside the theater. I swear I have seen his face somewhere…

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