Truly Disturbing Headline: Woman drives 250 miles to murder her husbands mistress

A retired NASA employee allegedly drove 250 miles to seek out and kill her husband’s lover after he said he wouldn’t leave her.

Shannon O’Roark Griffin, 52, drove nearly four hours from her home in Lyons, Kansas to the house of psychiatrist Irina Puscariu in Gladstone, Missouri.

She then knocked on the door before entering and shot Ms Puscariu three times, say police.

O’Roark Griffin and her husband Roscoe Griffin, who was a retired Army Colonel, were undergoing couple’s therapy because of problems in their marriage.

‘It’s destroyed two families,’ Ms Puscariu’s ex-husband Gene Franklin said.

Calling it ‘the biggest personal loss in my whole life,’ Mr Franklin said that he and Ms Puscariu’s mother Aneta are both trying to handle the ‘unspeakable loss’.

Mr Griffin wanted a divorce and his wife did not see that as a solution.

Court documents state that the pair were at one of such sessions Friday morning when Mr Griffin, 62, said that ‘he would not give I. Puscariu up’.

Several hours after that session, Shannon called the couple’s daughter to tell her that she had shot and killed Ms Puscariu, and the daughter then relayed that message to her father.

Police documents say that Mr Griffin got several calls from Shannon saying she had done what needed to be done in order to ‘protect him and others from this evil woman’.

Mr Griffin called his mistress’ home to check and found out that the sick tale was true.

He then called the police and told them what happened. They caught O’Roark Griffin on the highway in Wichita as she was headed back in the direction of their Lyons home.

Once she was pulled over, she told police that she had two unloaded handguns in her car.

She is in police custody and is charged with first-degree murder.

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