Cronenberg Retrospective at the Museum of the Moving Image

They could’ve held it at the Brundle Museum of Natural History………Just sayin’.



It cannot be denied that David Cronenberg is one of the horror genre’s most respected and accomplished filmmakers. His filmography spans over the course of four decades and consists of nearly forty movies. He and his films have been critically-acclaimed and have won several awards, including film festival awards, Critics Associations awards, and the Billy Wilder award from the National Board of Review. He is frequently cited by horror fans as one of the greats due to his unyielding and often graphic fascination with the metaphysical relationship between the mind and the body, and his work is still recommended to newer genre fanatics to this day.

The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, New York has seen fit to dedicate a few weeks to celebrating Mr. Cronenberg and his expansive portfolio of work. It will begin Saturday, January 21st when “A Conversation With David Cronenberg” is held. The following day will begin a series of screenings that will last through Sunday, February 12th. These screenings will include genre favorites, such as THE FLY, THE DEAD ZONE, SCANNERS, VIDEODROME, and THE BROOD.

The full schedule and additional details can be found at The Museum’s website . Any horror aficionados in the New York and surrounding areas should take advantage of this rare opportunity. Many of us would kill for the chance to catch some of the best horror offerings from one of the best horror filmmakers in a public forum, where they rightfully belong.


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