Review – Troll Hunter

If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…That’s right, for fans of mythical creatures and all things mysterious one film from 2011 is sure to be the thing for you; Norway’s very own Troll Hunter.

Troll Hunter (2011)

Director: André Ovredal, Havard S Johansen

Stars: Otto Jesperson, Glenn Erland Tosterund, Tomas Alfe Larson


When a group of students look to investigate a series of unexpected bear killings they head to find the clues as to who is doing this. With rumours of a poacher killing the animals they set out on a journey to track the man down and fully investigate how and why he is murdering the animals. Unfortunately not all is what it seems.

Finally tracking down the suspected poacher, Hans, the group attempt to ask him some questions, much to his reluctance. Never ones to give up on a good story, the students decide the only action to be taken is to follow Hans into the woods on one of his regular night-time trips and find out exactly what he is doing. To their surprise bears are the least of their worries.

Hans is in fact a troll hunter and has been in the profession for many years, having encountered a number of different types of the previously thought mythical creatures. With camera in hand and the eventual co-operation of Hans the trio head out to further realms with the hunter and encounter trolls beyond one’s belief.

Troll Hunter easily stands out as one of the most fascinatingly entertaining movies to be released in 2011. Tackling trolls head-on with the ‘found footage’  sub-genre is a first and it is a breath of fresh air from Norwegian film. Playing out as somewhat of a documentary on the life of the troll hunter the film works perfectly and progresses and a steady rate preparing us for the encounters with the trolls. Using this technique the film never feels too rushed in revealing the big beasts and maintains the believability factor that this is in fact a real recording you are witnessing.

One feature of the film that must be commended is the exceptional work of the special effects team. Capturing the look of the trolls with significant ease, the creatures are stunning visually and even more impressive when set against the beautiful backdrop of the snowy mountains. Throw into the mix an impressive array of performances from all involved and a fascinating original and simplistic story and Troll Hunter tops the bill for an adrenaline pumping fun frolic of a film.

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