Sequel talk already for THE DEVIL INSIDE?

We can’t believe it either! Sure The Devil Inside made over $34 million in its first weekend but could a sequel be on the horizon just based on the figures alone? If the studio is going by figures we wonder if the fact that pretty much every critic hated the film will weigh into a possible sequel happening or not. Read on for what one of the producers had to say on the matter.


The Wrap spoke with  executive producer, Steven Scneider recently about the possibility of a sequel.

Schneider says:

“It’s a little premature.  Everybody is processing what happened — the remarkable weekend we had — and feeling really good about that.”

He went on to add:

“Certainly the filmmakers and Lorenzo (di Bonaventura) and I would all love to explore that with the studio and I think we believe that there is absolutely the potential to carry forward our storylines from the original. It would be a rather organic and fun process — and one that would lead to great results.”

Schneider, if you recall, was also involved with the Paranormal Activity films and last years smash hit Insidious.

We will bring you more news…if it ever happens.

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