Truly Disturbing Headline: Man Used Skeleton To Drive In Carpool Lane

This was too funny not to report, but I give the man credit, it was an ingenius (and slightly disgusting) idea.  Read on for more details.

A US man has been fined for driving in a carpool lane with a skeleton in the passenger seat.

Bryan Stime was pulled over by a Washington state patrolman on December 20 for alleged aggressive driving when police discovered the green skeleton in a white sweatshirt seating in the passenger seat, television station King 5 reports.

Stime admitted breaking the rules but told the station that he used the skeleton because he travelled 72km each way to get to work.

“Since my commute was so bad, I started thinking — blow up doll, mannequin?” he said

The police said Stime was also speeding at 131km/h and making unsafe lane changes.

He was fined AU$440, including $120 for charges related to the skeleton.

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