Truly Disturbing Headline: Mountain Dew Would Dissolve Mouse

I couldn’t think of anything worse than finding a mouse (or a bug) in my drink…until now.  Read on to read about PepsiCo’s courtroom admission.

PepsiCo says a rodent could not be found in a can of Mountain Dew because it would dissolve into a “jelly-like” substance within 30 days.

The US soft drink manufacturer made the admission in court while defending itself against claims that a customer found a dead mouse inside his Mountain Dew three years ago.

Illinois man Ronald Ball is suing the company for more than $50,000, claiming he fell violently ill after drinking the soda, which he bought from a vending machine in 2009.

Mr Ball claims he found the mouse after pouring the contents of the drink into a styrofoam cup.

He forwarded it to a PepsiCo insurance adjuster for testing.

But PepsiCo has challenged Mr Ball’s claim by presenting a sworn affidavit from veterinarian Lawrence McGill.

Dr McGill said in his affidavit the mouse could not have been in the can when Mr Ball opened it, 74 days after it was bottled at the PepsiCo facility in St. Louis, the Smoking Gun reports.

“I have studied and am familiar with the effects an acidic fluid, such as common soda drinks including Mountain Dew, will have on mice and other animals,” Dr McGill said in his affidavit.

The vet said if a mouse was submerged in a fluid with the acidity of Mountain Dew, its abdominals and head would rupture within four to seven days.

“By 30 days of exposure to the fluid, all of the mouse’s structures will have disintegrated to the point the structures (excepting possibly a portion of the tail) will not be recognisable and, therefore, the animal itself will not be recognisable,” he wrote.

“Instead, after 30 days in the fluid, the mouse will have been transformed into a jelly-like substance.”

The lawsuit is pending in the Illinois Circuit Court.

Source: The Smoking Gun

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