Debut Date Released For Paranormal Activity 4

The fourth installment in the Paranormal Activity series has been officially announced and now so has the release date.  Read on for all the details…

Earlier this week we found out that the fourth entry into the Paranormal Activity franchise is indeed a go, and now we have a release date for your horror-hungry soul.

As always October is the month that you can count on for the film to debut, and so it shall on Friday, October 19th, 2012. That’s plenty of time to catch up on sleep before you’re haunted for days by every single little noise you hear around your house.

If you’re wondering why it’s not closer to Halloween, that’s because Dimension Films’ Halloween 3D has already claimed October 26th.

No director has been named for PA4 yet, and there’s no telling where they’re going to go with the story from here, but it should be interesting!

Source: Dread Central

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