In Los Angeles on January 13th & 14th Go see MIDNIGHT SON screening plus Q&A

Midnight Son is a film that made me respect vampires again. You too can feel the same way by attending the films premier next Wednesday in Santa Monica. Read all the details below, we hope to see ya there!


Midnight Son will  have two special midnight screenings in Los Angeles on Friday, January 13th, and Saturday, January 14th, that will be open to the public and include a Q&A with the filmmakers. Click here for ticket info.

Don’t live in SoCal? Then be sure to tune in to the film’s premiere on FEARnet’s cable channel on January 21st @ 10 PM

Midnight Son is a dark, character-driven drama that plays on horror themes in an understated, subtle way. The story centers on Jacob, a young man grappling with a dramatic physical transformation. No matter how much he eats, he suffers from malnutrition. To his disgust, he finds the blood in his steak packaging more satisfying than the steak itself. Something is changing inside him. When romance sparks with a young woman named Mary, he wrestles with the monster he’s becoming while desperately trying to keep his new craving a secret.

Check out the film’s website,, for more.

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