Best/Worst Horror Films of 2011 (Paul’s List)

What can be said about our writer Paul Dronet? Well for one he is an amazing asset to the Truly Disturbing family and even puts my reviews to shame(sometimes) with his writing style. So check out his list and tell us what ya think!

BEST OF 2011.
1. ATTACK THE BLOCK – This wasn’t just the best genre movie of the year. It was the best movie of the year. Period. I haven’t had this much fun in a LONG time. The script, directing, and acting were all amazing, and the soundtrack has been playing in my iPod for months. Also, the alien are completely unforgettable. This is a movie I’ll be watching periodically for the rest of my life.
2. FRIGHT NIGHT – This movie is proof that not all remakes suck. In fact, they can be pretty terrific. I loved how the characters were updated and transitioned for a new setting and a new culture. I thought the performances all around were terrific. Sure, it’s got some weak CGI, but that’s not enough to weigh down everything else that works.
3. TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL – The SCREAM series may be infamous for its deconstruction of the horror genre, but I would argue that this film understands those tropes more. And it is much funnier in how it lampoons them. This movie had me screaming with laughter, both at its comedy and its violence. A terrific film that is far more deserving than the meager release it received.
4. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 – I enjoyed the first film, but found the second one to be boring and complacent. This entry, however, defies both of those films and cranks up the tension and suspense. Also, this is the first of the series to make me genuinely care about the characters on screen. The effect was a nerve-wracking experience that had me holding my breath, and loving every moment of it.
5. STAKE LAND – I knew nothing about this film walking into it. And I’m grateful for that because it was the best surprise of the year. Wonderfully realized post-apocalyptic setting and interesting characters made this movie such a fascinating watch. I didn’t care much for the final stretch of the film involving the villain, but everything before and after it was very compelling.
1. RUBBER – I wanted a movie about a telepathic, serial killer tire. What I received was a pretentious, condescending lecture on why movies are bad and their audiences are worthless. Other filmmakes have played with the medium of film and transcended its narrative rules while still professing a love for it, such as Alejandro Jodorowsky and Gaspar Noe. Quentin Dupieux does not display that type of talent or skill with this tired, offensive abomination.
2. MEGAN IS MISSING – The sleaziest and most exploitational film of the year. Not only is it badly made, but it is also just plain bad. It’s misogynistic trash, and writer/ director Michael Goi should be ashamed of himself for making it under the guise of helping people.
3. DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT – A perfect example of how not to make a film. There is not one single good decision in this movie. Everyone is miscast, the script is terrible, the directing is amateurish at best, the lighting and effects are worse than a bad episode of television. Everything about this movie is wrong.
4. 11-11-11 – A horrible event was set to happen on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year. That event was the release of this film. An awfully dumb idea collided with the laziest screenwriting of the year to create one of the silliest horror films I’ve seen in a while.
5. ATROCIOUS – The found footage genre gone wrong. This is what happens when half-baked ideas encounter people who aren’t talented enough to overcome or transcend them. The most appropriate title of the year, though. So that’s something.

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