Best/Worst Horror Films of 2011 (Brad’s List)

The end of 2011 is upon us. And with the possibility of the end of the world looming in 2012. At least before we all die, we had some good films this past year, but with the good there is also the bad. The following is my list of the best and the worst of 2011. Bare with me and remember if you don’t agree with me…I don’t care.

I’m gonna get the worst out of the way first.

5. Fright Night
Director  Craig Gillespie
It’s like they decided to take a classic film that was flawless in every way and say ” I know let’s take a gem and ruin it” . When are folks gonna wake up a realize it’s cool to be original, and not rob from the past because of a lack of talent.

4. The Rite
Director Mikael Håfström
Yet another demonic possession flick. I thought we had the one and only possession film way back in 1973 with William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. This is a perfect example of run of the mill moviemaking. Nothing  new or innovative. Just the typical formula.

3. Scream 4
Director Wes Craven
The only difference between this one and the previous 3 is that this one is called 4. Aside form that it’s the same movie. Even more astonishing than that is Wes craven actually did this one. Most directors would step aside and watch the trainwreck for the safety of a reclusive compound. Not from the conductors seat.

2. Paranormal Activity 3
Directors  Henry Joost/Ariel Schulman
I don’t know what’s worse the fact that this boring predictable movie spawned 3 sequels that people actually line the theater to see this forgettable film, or Oren peli’s ability to screw himself out of Millions by selling out before reading the fine print.

1. Twilight Breaking Dawn 2011
Director Bill Condon
What happend to vampires and werewolves being mythical creatures. That just the sight of them sparked terror in the hearts of millions of fans across the world. It’s a sad day in film when this is what’s passing for horror. It almost sickens me. The light at the end of tunnel is hopefully this type of garbage will go away and never return.

Now that we have gotten the ugly out of the way. Let’s focus on the good. Those amazing indie horror films that have cut a bloody path to the top of the 2011 list.

5. Dahmer vs Gacy
Director Ford Austin
This is exactly what indie horror is all about. It’s back to the classic  style of splatter gore. This film is extremely fun to watch. It’s not afraid to pull out all the stops and dive  head first into the bloodbath.

4. Alien Armageddon
Director  Neil Johnson
From the moment it starts it’s a thrill ride. The cast is fantastic. It’s above those huge blockbuster films in this category.  Most people forget what film is about. It’s called entertainment, and this one does that.

3. Red State 
Director  Kevin smith
This is a huge departure from smiths norm, and that’s exactly what’s phenomenal about it.  The film is loaded with shock and gut wrenching scenes that open your eyes wide and grab your attention.

2. Virus X 
Director  Ryan Stevens Harris
This film sucks you in. The script is well written  and the actors  nailed it dead on. And that mixed with amazing special effects make for perfect horror. You can feel the characters fear as they struggle to survive a terrifying outbreak. This is yet another example of an indie film company that’s putting out great films. Films that fans actually want to see. Ones with re-watch  value, and this one has tons of that.

1. Deadheads
Directors  Brett Pierce/Drew T. Pierce
This film was a cult classic before fans even saw it. And when they did finally see it, It exploded in film festivals across the planet. This film takes a unique look at the ever popular zombie genre. This ones told from the zombies perspective. And it’s done with pinpoint accuracy. The script is very well written and the cast makes the audience believe that these are real people. It has won several awards and was giving multiple encore showings at all the festivals it was at. It’s also landed distribution internationally as well as in the US. This film deserves every accolade it’s received.

So there’s my list. As I said before if you don’t agree…your loss. But I’m sure the REAL horror fans out there that truly enjoy indie horror will agree with me. And remember at the end of the day it’s about the art of the genre we love. Not about those cookie cutter films that get crammed down our throat everyday. It’s time to take horror back from the faceless suits who could care less about the content, and place it back in the fans hands.  Take care.

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