Best/Worst of 2011 (Sandra’s List)

Our very own Redrum aka, Sandra D, has given us her choices for the best/worst of 2011. True some of these titles are not horror but then again they were horrific in and of themselves. If you don’t recognize her name it is because she is our proof reader and handles making our stories readable for you fine fiends. Either way Enjoy her list!.

Top 5 Worst Movies of 2011


1. Super 8 Maybe I’m just bitter because I wasted my gift card to Gold Class Cinemas on this cinematic buffet of empty fluff, but Super 8 was a muddled bait-and-switch that seemed more Sandlot than Closer Encounters or even E.T.


2. Green Lantern Plain and simple, the Green Lantern let special effects make up for the lack of character and story development. Its lazy writing is on par with the jumbled mess offered in the Star Wars prequels.


3. The Human Centipede II A movie whose premise is so disgusting (to this author, at least) that it makes Saw films look like a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. This might put me at the top of the Wuss List here at TDH, but I’ll take it if it means keeping my lunch.


4. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Why even mention Spy Kids on a horror site? Because the same guy who brought El Mariachi, Sin City, and From Dusk till Dawn has now churned out FOUR Spy Kids movies. And it’s a damn shame. Robert Rodriguez: Please, for the love of Pete, stop it!


5. Jack and Jill Because no Worst Movies of 2011 list is complete without Adam Sandler’s latest shat out script.


Top 5 Best Movies of 2011


1. Paul Simon Pegg and Nick Frost come together again to go on a sort of nerd pilgrimage, heading from Comic Con to UFO sites and back again. They quote nearly every science-fiction/fantasy film, offers fans plenty of inside joke chuckles.


2. The Adventures of Tintin If the combination of Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, and John Williams isn’t enough to draw fans to the theatre, then certainly the promise of The Hobbit trailer will. And comic book fans will come because, hey, we’re nothing if we don’t know our history.


3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 How could we not give a nod to one of the most successful movie franchises in recent history? At least it beats Twilight.


4. The Rite Sure The Rite is perhaps the mildest movie dealing with exorcism, but Anthony Hopkins’ brilliant acting as the demon-possessed exorcist covers a multitude of, er, sins.


5. Attack the Block What do you get when you combine a street gang and alien savages with British wit? Magic!

An honorary nod goes to The Help for two reasons: First, because the South in the early 1960s was, in fact, truly disturbing and horrific (therefore its mention on this site is warranted); and second, because Sam “TheHorrorMan138” told me not to.

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