Best/Worst Comic Books of 2011

The comic master himself, Jorge Solis has done it again. This time with an impressive list of comics you SHOULD have read this year…and some that could have been used for birdcage lining. These are the Best/Worst Horror Comic Books of 2011!

BEST of 2011

1) Green Wake Vol.1 (Image Comics): Murder is never what it seems in the forgotten town of Green Wake. Author Kurtis J. Wiebe always keeps the pace suspenseful and the experimental artwork by Riley Rossmo is just a surrealistic masterwork of pictures, especially with the use of primary colors to represent time displacement. This is a genuine masterpiece that fans should have in their hands!

2) Feeding Ground (Archaia): Bitten by a werewolf, Flaca is just a ticking time-bomb waiting to explode as the full moon approaches! Flaca’s family has to cross the U.S. border, hoping to find salvation in the states. Author Swifty Lang provides different perspectives on the timely issue of illegal immigration, letting his readers make up their own minds on the topic. Artist Michael Lapinski illustrates the carnage when Flaca’s transformation is about to take place.

3) Witch Doctor: Under The Knife Vol.1 (Skybound): This is a perfect combination of horror and comedy! Through hilarious black humor, author Brandon Seifert develops the unique voice of Doctor Vincent Morrow. In issue #2, Lukas Ketner’s artwork will definitely make you laugh out loud, as Morrow wildly shakes a demon baby.

4) Hellraiser Vol.1 (BOOM! Studios): “Pursuit Of The Flesh” marks the reappearance of Kirsty Cotton, who still wages a war against Pinhead and the Cenobites. With such eloquent dialogue by creator Clive Barker and co-writer Christopher Monfette, and the disturbing imagery by artist Leonardo Manco, readers will not be able to put this comic down!


5) SEVERED (Image Comics): Writing duo, Scott Snyder (American Vampire) and Scott Tuft have crafted a truly dark and horrifying coming-of-age tale. Your eyes will be instantly glued to the mesmerizing painted artwork by Attila Futaki. Because the story is set in 1916 America, this comic also reads like a period piece.

WORSTof 2011

1) That Hellbound Train: The problem with this comic book adaptation is that readers have heard of this plot before. The premise follows a young man who sells his soul to the Devil. Sounds very much like the episode of The Simpsons when Bart sells his soul to Milhouse? Though the story is ingrained in popular culture, what really saves this story is the brushwork illustrations by Dave Watcher.

2) Demon Knights: The New 52 was an ambitious project in the comic book industry. As if starting from scratch, DC Comics re-launched each of their titles – including Animal Man, I,Vampire and Swamp Thing – from the very first issue. While some of these horror titles are great reads, Demon Knights became lost and struggled to find its footing. Hopefully, in the new year this series will get better.

3) Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard: This videogame tie-in/comic book adaptation just doesn’t work. Is Duke Nukem supposed to be obnoxious and oblivious? Or, is he supposed to be a rough and no-holds barred action hero? Too many times, Duke Nukem said lines from other classic films, instead of making up his own original one-liners. In the translation to the comic book page, the artwork just tried too hard to replicate the videogame setting.

4) Dylan Dog: Dead of Night: The question in film adaptations will always be – Should you stay faithful to the original source material? Dylan Dog, the paranormal investigator, was a dark brooding womanizer in Tiziano Sclavi’s original version. But in the comic to screen adaptation, something became lost as the movie steered towards more comedy. Could the film have worked better if it didn’t use Dylan Dog in its title?

5) Wolverine and Jubilee: Was it really necessary to turn Jubilee, of the X-Men, into a vampire? She was already an interesting character as a mutant who lost her powers. In a struggle to find her lost humanity, she was already making an identity for herself. Was the Twilight trend a reason for this unnecessary change?

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