Child stars unite in SYFY’S ARACHNOQUAKE

Get ready kids, your favorite child stars will be battling so pesky Arachnids in Arachnoquake! Only Syfy could be this awesomely terrible.

Tracey Gold, Bug Hall, Ethan Phillips and Edward Furlong are all set to star in Arachnoquake.

Gold appeared in the ’80s series Growing Pains,Hall is a veteran of The Little Rascals (yes, you read that right), Phillips appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Edward Furlong, well, he’s done a lot since Terminator 2: Judgement Day, including the recent Night of the Demons remake.

Shooting is underway on ArachnoquakeSwamp Shark‘s Griff Furst is directing. So you know it will be a classic!

Synopsis: After earthquakes ravage a small town, dozens of locals fall victim to a previously unknown species of deadly albino spiders. Despite their best efforts, spiders swarm out of the earthquake opened fissures and infest the town.

Expect Arachnoquake to be on Syfy sometime next year.


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