Truly Disturbing Headline: Mother tries to sell 8 year old daughter into prostitution for $100

Some people are just plain sick! This is one of those storys. A mother has been arrested after attempting to sell her eight year old daughter for sex just four days before Christmas.


Sue Ellen Mims is alleged to have said she would accept $100 for allowing an unknown man to have sex with her daughter.

The 33-year-old had approached a man near her home in Panama City, Florida, offering her daughter for sale for sex.

The man contacted police and said Mimms had told him the girl would do anything he wanted.

Mims was arrested a short time later and her daughter taken into care before being placed with other family members.

The man told police he does not know Mims or her daughter and was approached at 10am.

Panama City Police Sergeant Jeff Becker said he has never seen anything like this in the 12 years he’s worked in Panama City.

‘It’s disturbing some of my grandchildren are daughters and I can’t even imagine where you must be in live to want to sell your children I can’t even imagine,’ Becker said.

After details of Mims arrest was revealed on the local news families in Panama City have contacted the Department of Children and Families to offer their help.

A spokesman with DCF said the girl was taken with just the clothes she was wearing and are accepting Christmas gifts.

Mims is being held in jail on one count of Selling A Minor For Prostitution


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