Truly Disturbing Headline: 600lb Marlin spears fisherman through the MOUTH!

Talk about taking on more than you can chew! Sheesh! A young fisherman cheated death after a 600lb black marlin leapt out of the water and speared him in the mouth with its sharp spear-like bill.


Stephen Schultz had been fishing off the coast of Pinas Bay, Panama, with his sister and father and was trying to reel in the monster catch when he was horrifically wounded.

The angler was sat on the edge of the boat and had hooked the thrashing marlin on to his line as his family watched.

Check out the video below.


But seconds after watching the giant fish leap into the air, the marlin is pulled towards the vessel and lunges towards Stephen, impaling him in the mouth with its giant sharp bill.

Stephen‘s father can be heard shouting, ‘Oh my God’, as the huge fish falls off the side of the boat and back into the water.

The boy’s mouth was impaled during the accident, with the marlin’s sword piercing his cheek and nasal cavity.

Stephen was rushed to a hospital and survived the incident.

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