Haunted U.S.A.: Arizona Part 7

This week we stop near the city I grew up in, Mesa Arizona and a haunted military base I used to frequent routinely with my father.

Mesa, Arizona

Williams Air Force Base

During World War Two, the military used the base to train pilots. The building which is now the VA Hospital, on the far west side of the base, was a hospital. Many people have reported seeing a male ghost who haunts only what used to be the new baby viewing area and the old operating room area. People also report voices in what used to be the old Officers Club.

Growing up my dad used to take me to Willy Air Force Base a lot for pizza, air shows etc. It wasn’t too far of a drive and is now housing for ASU students. When it comes to military installations being haunted, that is nothing new to me and many of my family members who have also served. We have all seen apparitions or full figured spirits at one time or another on base, and when we go up to them, they are no longer there. So, saying this building, especially a hospital, is nothing strange. However, to check and see if it truly is, again check for high EMF areas to see if it is just your mind playing tricks on you, or if you can get footage, then you will have proof. Still love this base even though it is no longer an actual military installation.

Nogales, Arizona

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

This modern brick church, built in 1969, is haunted by the ghosts of Indians. One recurring spirit wearing an old blanket has been witness rectors and visting churchmen. A whole tribe of Indians materialized in the front pews during organ rehearsal one night. Priests, parishioners, police, and visitors have all witnessed strange phenomena here. During repairs on the church sewer lines an Indian burial ground was discovered. Cremation urns and bones belonging to a one-thousand-year-old tribe were unearthed.

Nogales is a city I visited quite a bit with my mom growing up. We used to take road trips when my brother and dad were out of town, and Nogales was a good point for our destination seeing as how it was a border town to Mexico. We would travel down here and cross the border the next day to do some shopping and then come back later that night and stay in a hotel. Reading about this church, it does not surprise me that they are seeing Indian tribes. The fact the church was built on an Ancient Indian Burial Ground (Pet Sematary anyone) means this sort of thing can happen. However, going in with a clear mind, do the EMF detectors to see if the wiring is causing for a high EMF reading that could cause delusions, and if that isn’t the case, do an investigation and see if it is continuing. They did not say what they did with the remains of the Indians that they found, so if they were put back where they were found, there is a good chance it is still occurring. Also, with the ashes and bones being disturbed, it could have upset the spirits and now they may be even more wild then before feeling like they were desecrated. Either way, this could be a fun haunted location to do, just be careful, the Nogales area is not a safe place at night.


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