Haunted U.S.A.:Arizona Part 5

Continuing through the amazing Haunts of Arizona, I bring to you stories from the Arizona State Prison and the Grand Canyon! Enjoy!

Arizona State Prison, Florence, Arizona

Cell Block 3

In Florence Arizona, there truly isn’t much there besides the state prison. I have spent plenty of time in that region (not as a prisoner) with the military. The hauntings inside of the prison occur in cell block 3 where two guards Buckley and Morey were brutally murdered. It is said they were stabbed to death, and when guards do their checks, cellblock doors have been found open, cold spots have been felt, along with weird noises and strange mists forming at the end of the cellblock.

The Death House

Another section of the prison titled The Death House, has also been known to be haunted by those that were condemned to death. At night there have been screams and other strange sounds. This building houses the lethal injection chamber and gas chamber for those sentenced to death.

Looking at these haunts, I would love to go inside and conduct an investigation to see if there really are weird noises and mists. The problem is, this is still an active prison, so a lot of the noises could be coming from prisoners in dismay, and at night, they just act out more because they are depressed, sad, and lonely. The cell block doors opening on their own is interesting, and I think that would be fun to try and debunk. It is a little scary though if the prisoners cell blocks open because that leaves the guards open for attack.

However, the death house may be a different story, but I doubt it. The weird noises can easily be prisoners making noises and the guards just tailor it off to ghosts to give people a fright. So I cannot say for sure if this place is necessarily haunted or not, but it would be a fun investigation but only if the prisoners are no longer housed in Cell Block 3 and The Death House.

Grand Canyon Arizona

El Tovar Hotel

In the middle of the U0-shaped parking lot, in front of the El Tovar Hotel, there is a marked grave hiding in a patch of land next to the stop sign. The grave is of a former Harvey Girl that worked for the Fred Harvey Company. The ghost of a black-caped figure has been seen walking along the pathway leading up from the steps just to te right of the El Tovar Hotel all along the path passing the grave and disappearing behind the Hope House. Although  most visitors area unaware, the El Tovar, built in the very early 1900’s, is home to more than a few spirits. They say that Fred Harvey appears on the third floor during the holidays and invites people to the annual Christmas gathering held in the hotel. The third floor and kitchen are the most haunted spots at the El Tovar hotel.

With this building being so old, there is a good chance of the hauntings being present. The dark figure that walks outside is tough to debunk if you do see it. The best thing to do is walk up to it and see if it is not a person in a costume, and if it isn’t then holy crap you have seen a ghost. I would say check the EMF detectors, but if you are outside there is a good chance there isn’t any EMF that could play with your head. As for seeing Mr. Harvey himself, that is creepy and crazy. It is another one of those things that, if so many people have seen it, and there aren’t any EMF detectors and any shenanigans (you know that place with all the crap on the walls SUPER TROOPER LINE) then you may have been invited to a Christmas Party from a ghost (which I personally would love to receive).

Grand Canyon National Park

Where the Colorado River first meets the Grand Canyon, is where the Hopi Indians emerged from another dimension, entering the Fourth World from the Third World. It is also their door ways to the next dimension, the Fifth World. The Hopis, many of whom display psychic abilities, are considered to be the most spiritual tribe by other native Americans They are considered to be direct decedents of the Ancient Ones, or Anasazi, and have steadfastly practiced the same religion for thousands of years.

The Tusayan Ruins are a collection of religious and residential structures used by Anasazi in the twelfth century. The Havisupai Falls at the base of the canyon and have been considered the sacred since pre-historic times.

The Watchtower of Kiva has many reproductions of sacred symbols painted on its walls.

In Maricopa Point, a man in the civilian conservation Corps fell over the edge of the canyon while putting railings up in the 1930’s. Usually at sundown you can see a black misty figure near the railings, that looks like it is shoveling something and makes large scraping sounds.


When it comes to Indian spirits and hauntings, I find it hard to debunk this. The mist being seen on the cliff and scraping sounds are difficult to debunk without going out there personally and doing an EMF sweep (again there shouldn’t be anything there) and the sounds of a shovel would be tough to explain if nobody is in that area with a shovel at night. The Indian traditions are near and dear to my heart and heritage, so I respect the spirits, but it is still fun to try and see one. Next week we continue through Arizona, because this state just has so much to see and talk about, including old west towns like Tombstone in the near future. Until next week, sweet nightmares and always keep an eye out for spirits!

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